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Certified GAHI inspectors are the highest qualified and the leading professional home inspectors throughout Georgia.

GAHI Inspectors are required to become ICC Code Certified and to maintain that certification. Some inspectors advertise that they are ICC Members. This is not the same as being an ICC Code Certified Combination Inspector. Anyone can become a member by paying a fee. It is a good idea to check to see if the inspector you are considering is indeed an ICC Code Certified Combination Inspector. This can be done by clicking the button below. Just enter the inspectors Last Name and State and then click Go.

The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) is a professional organization dedicated to improving the skills and education level of residential inspectors, builders, architects and municipal inspectors throughout the state of Georgia..

The top 3 reasons why buyers, sellers and realtors always make sure their inspector is a Certified GAHI member

1. GAHI Has The Highest Qualification Standards in the Entire Country

GAHI has the highest entrance standards of any professional inspector association in the entire United States. Each member is required to be certified by the International Code Council as a Residential Combination Inspector, the highest level of residential certification available to an inspector. To achieve this level, inspectors must pass four separate examinations covering subjects that include building (structure), electrical, plumbing, and mechanical (HVAC) for one and two family residential construction. Certified Members are also required to pass the National Home Inspector exam, complete 250 or more paid inspections, agree to follow the GAHI standards for home inspections, and agree to a strict Code of Ethics. Certified GAHI inspectors must maintain a current business license and maintain liability insurance. Finally, to stay up-to-date, we require our certified inspectors to attend continuing education classes each year.

2. GAHI Inspectors are Better Trained and More Experienced

A GAHI inspector is an experienced, trained professional with up-to-date knowledge of residential construction, building codes, and construction practices. Builders, realtors, buyers and sellers of homes are so confident in GAHI that they often require inspectors of their homes be a current GAHI member.

3. We Focus on Training and Education

To support our emphasis on skills and knowledge, GAHI operates the Birch Academy, which provides professional training and development courses and seminars for architects, builders, professional inspectors, and municipal code officials and inspectors. We are an Education Provider with the International Code Council, and our training meets the requirement for Continuing Education credit for the AIA, ICC, ASHI, and state licensing board for builders