Minimum of 3 Years Experience

Minimum of 25 Hours of Continuous Training per Year

Minimum of 250 Verified Fee-paid Inspections

What is a GAHI Code Certified Residential Inspector?

The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors are a membership and group dedicated to providing new home inspector services in the Atlanta, Metro Atlanta and Georgia areas. GAHI seeks not only to serve new home buyers with a thorough home inspection, but also our new home inspectors are the conduit to provide quality control inspections for the home builders, so that they can have less complaints, reduce call backs and have a satisfied home buyer in the end.

We inspect every aspect of new home construction, additions, remodeling and residential building. Our Certified home inspectors are also qualified to inspect all existing homes, condos and townhouses. GAHI is a Georgia based association and we have home inspectors throughout Georgia to serve home buyers and home builders.

Our Code Certified Residential Inspectors have passed the requirements of the International Code Council, the governing body that writes and produces the residential building code that is the building code in the State of Georgia. Our R5 Code Certified Residential Inspectors are certified by the ICC in the four required home disciplines of Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical. This certification must be renewed every three years per the ICC and no less than half of the education required to renew the certification must come from an ICC provided class and the balance must come from an ICC approved education provider (GAHI is an ICC approved education provider).

What does this mean for you the consumer? It means in using a GAHI Code Certified Residential Inspector, you are using an inspector that is of the highest certification, an inspector that is educated at the highest level, an inspector that adheres to the highest Standards of Practice and the highest Code of Ethics in the industry. Simply put, using a GAHI Code Certified Residential Inspector means you are using the best of the best, you are using an inspector that is the Gold Standard of Home Inspectors.

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